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Teaching Methodology

The objectives of all courses are to equip the students with knowledge and skills, which is essential for facing the challenges of the modern industrial society. Hence, a combinations of various teaching methodologies are used to impart education. Following are the teaching techniques :-


The syllabus as per Rajasthan University subject wise is taught in the class rooms with competent faculties> practicals and field visits are regularly conducted as prescribed by the University.

Guest Lectures

The students theoretical understanding is supplemented by a practical orientation developed through lectures by leading successful personalities in their related fields and academians.

Seminar & Presentation

At Goenka College, we recognize that oral communication is an integral part of living a successful life. The students make presentations of lecture-cum-discussion sessions to convey ideas and plans in an organized fashion.

The topics generally relate to macro business environment, economic problems and government policies and other courses. The preparation for such seminars involves in-depth studies of the topic concerned.

Personality Development

At Goenka, we recognize the need for every student to face the professional world and thereof equip them with good personality traits besides academic brilliance. We conduct group discussions and mock interviews as well as training to appear for interview, so that the students are equipped with proper interview skills. In addition to this, confidence building exercises, like debates, workshops and presentations are also stressed at our college which not only give our students a solid foundation in education, but also prepare them as individual who are adept at the practical and professional aspects of life.